June 3, 2018

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I am definitely not one of those Moms that spends a fortune on baby or toddler clothes. I cringe when an item of clothing is over $10! Annabelle is growing so fast that she will wear something for a few months (if that) and then grow out of it. Not to mention all the stains she gets on her clothing from playing or eating. I thought I’d round up a few of our favorite online sites to shop at!

POP REAL (swimsuit/cap above from here): Okay, this site is definitely hit or miss but 90% of the time it’s a big hit for me! The sizing can be off so I always go up a size to be sure. Everything is soooo cheap and fashion forward. Not everything is the best quality, but the majority of the time it’s so so cute and since she’s at the age where she’s growing so fast, I’m going to be 100% honest…I’d rather have an abundance of cute clothes rather than 10 quality pieces because she grows out of things so fast! When shopping, I’d suggest sorting by lowest price.

**Not sure about their return policy, but most everything is so cheap that I don’t return items anyways.

Items I love currently: This adorable romper/bow set under $8, this lemon printed set, this romper so cute for July 4th, and this to die for gingham dress!

THE CHILDREN’S PLACE: I always find such good sales on this site. Once I spent $150 (which I know is a lot), but I swear I didn’t have to buy her any clothes for a good couple of months! We got so many items! I’m talking shoes for $5 that are better quality than Pop Real. I also get all her shoes from here (or occasionally Target).

Loving: This dress for $6, this printed piece, and this swimsuit!

OLD NAVY: I always buy on sale here or the prices are a bit too high;) Again, I can’t spend more than $10 on a baby/toddler dress loll but I love all the items! They are better quality so I look for jackets and shorts that I know will last her a while. They also have cute hats!

ETSY: I get almost all her bows off Etsy! They have the cutest patterns and when she was a baby my favorite were the nylon bows because they grew/stretched with her so they always fit her head.

AMAZON: I love Amazon for buying a big bulk of bows. I love putting her hair in a top ponytail and clipping one of these in it! So cute!

Bonus** If I was ever going to a really special event, Janie & Jack is my all time favorite clothing brand for babies. Everything is absolutely adorable although I can’t justify the prices right now;) Seriously, look at this swimsuit! I need one in my size…

Shop more below!

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  1. Megan Jayne says:

    Love this!! My daughter is 5 months old and it’s so much fun shopping for her, it’s great to get some ideas of where to shop 🙂 Annabelle is always so stylish!!

  2. Rachael says:

    I wasn’t even intending to read your blog was just having a quick look and everything I scroll past seems to be sucking me in. Love your blog!! Xx

  3. Priya Gupta says:

    Great article and collection..

  4. Thank you for sharing the collection.

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