March 8, 2017

8 Hours…

Ever since transitioning my blog from fashion and beauty content over to more personalized posts I thought I would start a new series called “8 hours” where I share with you snippets of mine and Annabelle’s day! Besides connecting with others, the biggest reason I love to blog/vlog is so I can have memories to look back on in the future and although my days seem short and my nights seem long, I know these tiny moments spent nursing and caring for Annabelle are going to be some of my most treasured ones.

6:00 am

Annabelle decided she wanted to get up bright and early today!

8:00 am

Breakfast time! I’m not going to lie, I barely got one bite after taking this picture and Annabelle wanted to be held so it took me a good hour to finish this toast! Having a baby makes simple things that much longer to complete…even your breakfast.

9:00 am

To be honest, most of my days look just like this…actually it’s typically me in just a nursing bra and shorts sitting on my bed or couch, but no one wants to see that;) Breastfeeding has been the biggest learning curve when it came to motherhood, but it’s been so incredibly worth sticking it out! The moments when she looks up at me after a feed with her belly full and a huge grin on her face makes every hard time worth it.

11:00 am

This is the first time Annabelle fell asleep in her crib so I had to snap a pic! Although I’m far from sleep training her (if I ever do), I thought more time spent in her room would make her feel more comfortable with sleeping on her own in the future. P.S. She only lasted 30 minutes in there!

12:00 pm

Daddy came home for lunch today! By far the best part about where we live is that Doug works five minutes from our apartment, which is a huge reason why we don’t want to move. The days where he comes home on his lunch break are the best!

2:00 pm

I finally had to sort through Annabelle’s clothes to weed out all her newborn sizes that no longer fit her:( I never understood why Moms were sad when their children grew, but now I totally get it!

5: 00 pm

Time to start dinner! I’m still on my eating healthy kick after falling off the wagon this Sunday by eating fast food. I don’t feel too bad because I believe everything in moderation, but I’m picking back up and eating clean this week!

8:00 pm

Today was my day to pamper! Although it usually gets cut short by a fussy baby, I still try and make sure to do a few things each week that make me feel refreshed and put together.

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  1. Elise says:

    Love this idea! The photos are so precious! The sweater you’re wearing while nursing is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Em says:

    Ahhhh the 30 minutes naps!! It’s so hard sometimes but you look like you’re doing a super amazing job xx

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