December 10, 2017

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First off, I just want to say THANK YOU for all the messages pertaining to my last, more personal blog post. It means so so much that anyone would respond to it! So many of you guys empathized with me in your feelings of being overwhelmed by Motherhood so it’s nice to know I’m not alone in that. That’s the biggest reason I wanted to build up a community of Moms, so that we can uplift and support each other though tough times because life’s not always rainbows and butterflies!;)

Anyways, I got the idea of doing this type of blog post a while ago from another blogger (kicking myself because I can’t remember the blog’s name) and immediately wanted to do it! So much goes on behind a picture (or even video) that no one sees and I thought I would shed some light on what’s been going on as of late… 1. This picture was taken on a day where I didn’t vlog. We took a spontaneous trip to San Diego (2 hours away from LA) to look at a house. I had been obsessed with this house for a few days and envisioned us living there already. I just knew it was the one for us! My Grandpa lived in SD so I had always imagined me living there because it’s just so beautiful. We went to look at the house and although the inside was perfect there was something about the area that just didn’t feel right so we passed. It was kind of sad because we got all hyped up, but we both came to the agreement that San Diego as a city didn’t feel right for our family, but another place did instead. 2. OH man was this day interesting to say the least. I vlogged it, but sooo much went on behind the scenes that I never mentioned. It was the first time I ever got paid to go to an event and I was already nervous about that because lets be honest, I’m a small fry in the Youtubing space LOL. I rarely ever go to events and boy are there a TON in LA. One because I’m awkward and don’t want to hassle with the baby’s nap schedule and two because uh hello, TRAFFIC! Only those in LA know how it is going from the South Bay to anywhere near Rodeo Drive after 11am. Anyways, I decided to go and bring a blogging friend along. First off, it was at a mansion 5 seconds from Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. The celebrity (Jaclyn Smith) had her own entourage following behind her ever step just like in the movies. Anyways, the real interesting part was when we had to valet our cars and of course everyones driving a BMW, Tesla, or Audi and my old, Mazda 6 pulls up with the lining half off? I just kept telling myself OH WELL, at least I own it! LOL Honestly, a new car is the last on my wish list right now, but it was still slightly mortifying.  3. This was one of the best days. My job is so unique and out of the ordinary that none of my friends know what to do with it. All they know is that I post videos online and get free stuff they get handed in a bag when they come over. It’s so rare when anyone asks how it’s doing or what I’m doing, about my goals, or ambitions or anything except Shelby. She’s been on my channel before and she was actually my twin in sorority (meaning we both had the same big sis). She’s always asking about what’s going on with my job and we dream of running a girly business one day together or me employing her and us designing fun things! She’s been my true supporter. On this day I got to gift her a bed from a brand that wanted to work with me and it was the best. I’m so grateful that my job allows me to do things for those closest to me. It’s amazing. 4. This was truly a good day. Although it was the day before Annabelle got super sick in NorCal, we spent it strolling along the coast, eating Pizza My Heart (BEST pizza EVER!), picking out an ornament for our tree that says ‘Capitola’, and just enjoying the sunshine in November. Oh, and Annabelle ate her first pizza and cried when it was all gone.5. Sometimes I am guilty of using a tripod and wireless camera remote;) It can be frustrating with a baby especially because she’s addicted to the remote and just wants to hold it. I mentioned in the caption that she was drawn to our Christmas tree and that’s why she was looking behind me, but she was actually looking for the remote I threw back there to take the pic..LOL!

6. Okay, this pic got CRAY. I do sponsored content from time to time (as SOOO many people like to remind me:) and I did a campaign for Johnson & Johnson. Not because they were paying me, but because I had been gifted a ton of baby wash at my baby shower from friends and that’s what I had been using for months on Annabelle with no issue. Once I posted this picture I got a ton of emails/DMs/etc. shaming me for using “toxic products” on her and “how could I be so irresponsible to promote them”. Insert major EYE ROLL. First off, I promise you, I never knew of the scandal with their company and second off, it was with their baby powder not anything else. Now, I know that doesn’t excuse anything and better safe than sorry for your infant, but jeeze!! People sometimes forget I’m just a regular Mom over here doing regular Mom things like using baby wash I got as a gift. Ay yi yi.

I hope you guys like this different type of post. I’m going to try and use my blog as more of a personal outlet into my life for anyone that’s interested so stay tuned and let me know what you want to see more of in the future! Also, I’m going to try and post weekly at the very least <3

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  1. Alysia says:

    Hayley! You are seriously my favorite person I’ve never met! So your last post was so heartbreaking, because I know just how you feel….I’m an *ahem* older Mom (I’m 39). I have 3 kids, 21,16,9. So I️ feel like I am experienced enough to say that conflicted feelings about work/kids is one of the hardest things about motherhood! And it doesn’t matter if your kid is 1 or 16, you still feel the same guilt for not being there with them. I’m a self-employed hairstylist, so I am ALWAYS feeling like if I work more, my kids suffer. And if I stay home more, my clients feel like they’re not a priority. And 80% of why my clients stay with me isn’t about how well I do hair, it’s about the relationship we have. And since that is the source of 1/3 of our income, I need to make sure and nurture that relationship. Just like you probably feel like you need to with your followers. But over the years, I’ve realized that it ALWAYS finds a way to balance itself out and I need to let myself off the hook. If I choose to stay home more one year, the moneybalways works out. If I choose to work my butt off one year so we can pay something off or go on an awesome vacation, the kids have been totally fine without me home as much.
    That being said, I can’t wait to see what all you and Doug have been up to! Ah, I literally can’t wait to watch you guys get into a house like you’ve wanted and see all your hard work pay off! You guys will succeed in your new business just like you’ve succeeded with parenthood. I’m a worrier/overthinker, so I know better than to tell you not to worry about any of this. Ugh, I hate when people tell me “don’t worry”….but seriously, whatever you decide to do WILL work out, it always does!

  2. Eunice says:

    I looooove this blog!!!!!! It was truly refreshing to see the behind the scenes. You should make this a series!!! Love you and your little family!

  3. Jasmine says:

    Cute! Loved hearing behind the scenes of the Instagram posts!!

  4. Chauntasy says:


  5. Jordan says:

    This is such a cute blog post! It’s really cool seeing what’s behind all your wonderful pictures!! ? You’re such a phenomenal mom!!! Absolutely love reading your blog posts 🙂

  6. Angela Grace says:

    Wow love this! Seriously Hayley thanks for being so great! That Johnson/Johnson thing was so frustrating Idk why people can’t just chill out!

  7. Andrea Evers says:

    This type of blog is so fun! Hearing what goes on behind the scenes is so fun!

  8. Simran says:

    Hi Hayley
    I love your blogs and vlogs. I can truly understand what you going through and thinking as a mum. I am also first time mom to a beautiful 5 month old baby girl and I know it’s so overwhelming. But honestly your posts on YouTube and your blogs been true inspiration and motivation as my baby is little fussy.
    And to work out everything around is real hard work
    Thanks for sharing all your dilemma as a mom and as a entrepreneur
    I m also going through the same phase as I am also planning to start my business and it’s really tuff .

    I love this new post as well
    Keep doing it❤️

  9. Hope says:

    I love all of the personal posts you’ve been doing lately. I’ve been a follower of your since around the time you and Doug got engaged and I feel like I know your little family. You’re definitely super mom with running a blog and YouTube channel and having a family! You’re one of my biggest inspirations!

    Hope | Miss Hope Elizabeth

  10. Madison says:

    Love this type of blog post Hayley and would love to see more of these! ❤️

  11. Paula says:

    First of all Alysia I can beat you on age I’m 46 lol. Mum guilt lasts a lifetime I think. My parents still think I’m their little girl which is nice. Hayley you are doing such a great job. You are teaching Annabelle that you have to work hard to get nice things and achieve things in life. You and Doug are wonderful role models. I love watching your vlogs and reading your blogs. You ALWAYS reply to my questions or comments. I can wait to find out what your secret project is. I hope it goes well. Love from Paula (England) ???????

  12. Alex Smith says:

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  13. Such a wonderful post; loved to see the behind the scenes perspective and understand that none of us are perfect and we all have our insecurities -and I hope you don’t feel pressured by some of your “fans” to crank out content when your heart’s not in it or if you’d rather have a day to yourself and do fun things with Doug and Annabelle. 🙂 I know this is your job, but the whole point of this job is for it to allow you freedom and fun, so don’t let people get you down and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. You are AMAZING and one of the few YouTube/Blogger mommies I have actually stuck with since way back during my pregnancy beginnings (my daughter is 8 months old, little smaller than yours:).

  14. Jenny Penny says:

    I LOVE this feature! Behind the scenes of the posts is a fabulous idea. You’re a normal human being and a wonderful mom so don’t forget that despite what DMs you nay get along the way. You care about your daughter and right there shows a lot about you. Can’t wait to see this feature again! Absolutely LOVE following your sweet little family.

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