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June 18, 2015

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I'm Hayley — helping moms do more in every aspect of their life. Mom of 3, entrepreneur, and homeschooler!

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Exploring Point Vicente Lighthouse, Palos Verdes

Looking back at how my blog has progressed over the 2014 year, I’ve noticed the wave of changes its gone through. I didn’t always know what direction I wanted it to go in. Partly because I have so many different interests and not to get too technical, but also partly because my fiancé works in SEO so we know more about what translates to page views. It was harder for me to sacrifice what I love to blog about for what converts more, but I did it as a test over the past few months and I have to say I miss talking about what I actually like talking about on this platform (if that makes any sense). It used to be a fun little hobby where I would write about my experiences in fashion and beauty and since then, it’s become much more than I could have ever imagined. Instead of posting articles that I’ve actually formed in my head, a lot of my articles are geared towards showcasing a product or company. Although the networks and brands I choose to work with are always from actual experience and are only products I personally back, I’ve omitted certain things about my interests on this space for fear the numbers would fall. My blog is lacking depth and I want to start filling that void. I decided to bring back ‘bits and pieces’, an idea I created when I first started my blog that gives little snapshots of my week. I still have a lot of these posts archived and they are my favorite things to look back on as a visual diary into my life (other than my current vlog channel). I’ve also spent more time focused on my Youtube channel than ever before. Blogging can be more stressful than most people could imagine and I felt more pressure to do posts on what people were searching for rather than what I liked. With Youtube, it’s a little different in that I post whatever I want, as long as I’m passionate about it. Although at the moment it’s a lot harder to grow my audience than blogging, I’m committed to doing what I feel is best and what comes naturally to me. So, here are some bits and pieces into the past few months.


Trying the maple bacon donut (see here) from Sidecar Donuts, Costa Mesa


Shop display perfection at Poketo, Los Angeles


Scouting out winery venues for our wedding next summer


New Rocksbox monthly subscription with the daintiest of jewels: 1 month free with code ‘dailydoseofdarlingxoxo’

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  1. sammie says:

    I think that’s such a nice idea because it brings much more personality to the blog. Keep this series going 🙂


  2. Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming wedding! So exciting! Plus that winery is beautiful!


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