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Opted for a tiny Japanese dish as an engagement ring holder Looking back throughout the past few years, I realized I haven’t had a space to entertain in for the 4th of July that I felt comfortable in or was big enough. Last minute my best friend who lives in Las Vegas and her boyfriend […]

Getting Ready For The 4th

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Browsing the prettiest wedding invite options at Copper Willow This past week a lot of exciting things have happened including choosing our wedding venue and date, booking an engagement session, and finalizing my bridesmaid invites! I’m so excited to really begin the planning process and start booking vendors for the big day. I’ve never really been the girl […]

Planning For the Big Day


Exploring Point Vicente Lighthouse, Palos Verdes Looking back at how my blog has progressed over the 2014 year, I’ve noticed the wave of changes its gone through. I didn’t always know what direction I wanted it to go in. Partly because I have so many different interests and not to get too technical, but also […]

Bits & Pieces


I’ve recently gotten really into cooking/baking. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see all my latest creations and no, I don’t make up recipes off the top of my head (I wish!). For a few months I tried all the top rated recipes on my All Recipes app and then soon realized that although they […]

This weekend was particularly productive. I caught up on all my blog posts(and videos) for the next week, spent quality time with my family, and reorganized my closet(which was MUCH overdue). This weekend consisted of… 8:00am | Beginning a Sunday ritual of a three mile jog on the beach 11:30am | Trying out a rented camera lens and just […]

Weekend Hours


{Is it Fall yet here?} {Sporting my absolute new foundation mentioned here} {Hidden flea market finds.} {Scoping out a possible Fall photo shoot spot surrounded by orchards.} Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more daily tidbits @hayleypaigexo !



Doug really is the epitome of everything good in my life. Other than my father, he’s the most caring, loyal, and intelligent man I know and he’s never let me down. He always puts my needs before his and in a moment, he would be at my side if I needed him. I’m so lucky and […]

  Happy almost 4th of July Readers! Since this holiday is almost upon us, I thought I would make my family a special treat(with all the gluten included tee-hee). Although these mini pies have loads of sugar, wheat, and everything unhealthy in them, I think it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. With […]



Baked potatoes are probably my favorite starch to serve with dinner because each person can create their own with a variety of toppings, but sometimes eating or serving a large baked potato lacks a certain mouth watering flavor. These bite size morsels can’t compete with any regular baked potato because they are twice baked with cheesy […]



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