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Christmas Gift Guide For Him Under $100


Following my women’s gift guide under $100, I wanted to include one for men as well! It can be so hard gift shopping for a guy who has very specific tastes. When it comes to Doug’s Christmas wish list, it usually includes items like headlights for his hobby car, a tool of some sort, or a new helmet. Since I am totally lost when it comes to boy’s toys I always like to get him a few things he doesn’t know he needs to throw him off;) I’m sure many of you do this for your husbands! Everything on this list are items that I know he would use all the time unlike giving traditional gifts like a tie or jacket he will never wear.

Slippers | Plaid Robe | Bomber Jacket | Joggers | Watch | Beanie | Travel Pouch | Shaving Kit | Shoes | Jacket


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