January 14, 2014

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This winter break my mom and I were lucky enough to take an extended trip to Tennessee to visit my sister and her family {notice the Mississippi River from my window below}.


My sister and I have lived in California our entire life and when her husband got a job offer four states away that allowed them to move to a bigger and nicer home, the chance was too good to pass up.


My sister and I have only really known a California lifestyle. Beach days all year round, people everywhere you look, lots of places to eat and travel, and of course the beautiful coastline only a thirty minute drive are some things that one can never forget. When we found out she was moving to a state with harsh winters and no ocean, we were honestly shocked. It’s always hard when a close family member moves away and especially taking with her my niece and nephew only made it harder. The only southern state I’ve ever been to was Texas where most of my extended family live and its similar to Tennessee in the cheaper housing prices and peaceful way of life, but the people and landscape are much different.

IMG_7133 IMG_7172

Driving through the tree lined streets through countless charming homes, Germantown, TN definitely offers a more sense of community than any city I’ve seen in CA. Parks, Churches, and BBQ joints on every corner, every aspect of Germantown is nicely manicured and well kept up. One of our favorite things to do was drive around and look at all the beautiful houses, still in wonder about how much house you can get at such a low cost as compared to CA.


I had such an amazing time spending it with my sister, niece, and nephew. Being around children really brightens up your day and every moment is a memory I can take with me when I leave.

IMG_7019 IMG_7074

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  1. Casey says:

    I love you sister!!!

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