Like Father Like Daughter

Annabelle’s Onesie & Hat

There’s something that changes about the relationship you have with your husband after you birth your baby. I remember before Annabelle was born I started feeling a little sad about how it wouldn’t be just the two of us and as selfish as that sounds it was the truth. I found myself reminiscing about our single days before morning sickness controlled our lives and we could pick up and do anything we wanted together on a whim. I was scared that we would lose the love we have for each other and all our attention would only be focused on our new baby and never each other. I laugh at those thoughts now because oh how things have changed!

My love for Doug has only grown with my love for Annabelle. The way his eyes light up every time he comes home from work to see her, how he wakes up to help us with every late night/early morning feeding, when he rocks her to sleep and sits with her on his chest for hours not moving so I can get a break, the love I feel for him only grew stronger. He truly is such a compassionate and gentle person and besides the fact that they look identical, I see that in her too! So many of you guys call her “little Douglette”, “Doug’s twin” or you even say “you birthed Doug” (haha) and I love that they are so similar! I wanted to dedicate a post to both of them so I can look back on this time one day when she’s older and remember where his love for her started:)



  1. Joanne
    April 3, 2017 / 9:49 am

    She is his twin and the bond those two will have will be like no other.

  2. Anna
    April 14, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    You have a beautiful family !

  3. Anna
    April 14, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    I started watching your vlogs when you were pregnant with Annabelle. You are an amazing and such a funny person ! I love watching you and Doug’s old vlogs as well. You have a great personality and I love how down to earth you both are! and of course I love your style !

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