Valentine’s Day Snaps + 5 Things I Love About Annabelle

February 15, 2018

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Valentine’s Day has to be one of my favorite holidays. My birthday is two days before it (Feb 12), but I’m honestly not big on birthdays at all! I think I just don’t like the attention they bring and I’m SO awkward at opening gifts. People expect a big reaction and I just can’t fake it!! haha Gifts just aren’t my love language I guess;) But I do LOVEEEEEE Valentine’s Day. It’s such a fun reminder to hold dear the people closest to your heart and make the day extra special!

This morning we all woke up, went downstairs and Doug had gifts waiting for us!! I rarely ever gush about my husband, but today was really special. He flew home last night at 10pm from Georgia, got ubered to the nearest grocery store to get a few presents for us (flowers, chocolate, gifts- the usual) and the next uber driver couldn’t pick him up from the store for 30 minutes so he walked home with his luggage and our gifts!! He didn’t say a thing about it when he came home and we sat up talking all night about random things. Then when we woke up, I found out what he did and was speechless! I honestly don’t even care about gifts, but I was so so happy to see a little dog stuffed animal for Annabelle and she was so elated when she opened it! She hasn’t put it down ALL DAY and its 2pm! She’s so obsessed and I think it’s more that she knows her Daddy got it for her and he’s been gone for a few days and she missed him. It melted my heart. She’s really come into her own these past few weeks and she’s a little girl now!

A few things I love about her right now…

1. The ringlet curls she’s developed…but equally so, her “chicken fluff” as I call it. When she wakes up from a nap her hair looks like my chickens used to when my parents had them. ha! So random, but it sticks straight up in the back and chickens sometimes have a little fluffy part right under their butt that is so soft. This is getting really random, but its so cute on her! To make her curls stand out I just use water:) 2. Her laugh. OMG. There isn’t a moment that goes by when I hear her laugh and don’t get overjoyed. It’s so addicting!

3. Her fake pouty cry. When she was small I couldn’t bare to see her even whine. I’m still like that, but not to that degree. She does this fake pouty cry that’s obviously not real when she wants something. She’s such an actress!

^^Aggressively kissing her bunny.

4. Her love for others. This month something crazy happened! She’s finally started to notice her stuffed animals or as we call them her “babies”. We have sooo many stuffed animals for her that she never took a second glance at, but now she kisses each one individually and hugs them before moving onto the next. It’s to die for!! It just shows us how pure and full of love she is for not only just me and Doug, but other beings too!5. How she mimics us. This happens all the time more and more and I melt. Whenever I put on my shoes she points to her feet and waits for me to get her shoes. When I put on blush she wants some too. It happens with almost everything! It just shows how you truly have to be a shining example for your kids because all they want is to be like their parents!

We hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day!! xx

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  1. Simran says:

    Hi Hayley
    Pics are so gorgeous and Annabelle is cute as always. It’s nice to read what Doug has done for you and Annabelle ?.

  2. Elise Price says:

    Hi Hayley!! This is the cutest blog post ever! I loved reading it and seeing all the CUTE pictures of A! ❤️ And it’s so sweet of Doug to go that far to get ya’ll gifts lol! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Madelyn says:

    These pictures are just the cutest! It’s so fun to watch Annabelle grow up. 😉 We also had a great Valentine’s Day!

  4. Emma says:

    Such a beautiful post + beautiful pictures + beatiful memories ?

  5. Hope says:

    In love with these pictures! Doug is an amazing dad and husband. You have the cutest family!

    Hope // Miss Hope Elizabeth

  6. Kayla says:

    She just gets cuter and cuter everyday, but I’m sure you already know that! She seems like such a sweetie! Glad you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Kayla |

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