What’s In My Bag + LV Neverfull MM Review

August 4, 2016

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After being a designer handbag lover for YEARS I finally picked up my first one (actually Doug got it for me as an anniversary present:) last year and I’ve been wanting to do a review on it ever since. I probably would have never purchased one for myself so I’m so thankful he did! I’m definitely more of a purse over shoe type of girl and designer handbags have become my guilty pleasure. I love the fact that with a lot of higher end bags, you can either retain their value or they can become investment pieces that you can sell for the same price (or sometimes more) in the future. I knew my first bag had to be the LV Neverfull MM for several different reasons. I wanted something that would transition easily from season to season, would hold all my stuff including my huge wallet and laptop, and that would go with many different outfits. I can confidently say that this is the best fashion focused purchase I’ve ever made because the quality is AMAZING and it holds everything perfectly! It’s great for weekend trips and I can even see myself using it as a baby bag when my baby arrives in late December/early January.

I would highly recommend this bag as your first (or second or third) designer handbag because you will 100% get your use out of it. I’m even lusting after the damier azur canvas one, but that might have to wait for another year;) As you can tell I keep a ton of stuff in my purse all the time. I love switching out what’s in my makeup bag according to my looks, but for the most part I keep my neutral favorites like MAC’s Creme Cup lipstick and NYX’s Fortune Cookie gloss with a mattefying powder that gives a more full coverage look when my makeup tends to wear off at the end of the day. I also bring my trusty Canon G7x, which I love for the focus quality and flip up screen along with a portable phone charger (although I don’t tend to use it because the 6s+ holds a good charge for two days straight!). Lately I’ve been using these natural deodorant wipes not to act as a deodorant, but to wipe away any excess deodorant in between outfit shoots so my regular deodorant doesn’t get on my clothes when I’m changing outfits. After using this bag for the last year, I’ve never been so confident in a purchase that I knew I had to share with my readers!:) P.S. I purchased it from Fashionphile as a gently pre-owned bag (see more on pre-owned designer pieces in this post) and it was the best decision!

LV Neverfull MM (Same bag, different color on the inside) | Free People Embroidered Top | Modcloth Shorts c/o | Swell Caroline ‘Flutter’ Monogram Necklace c/o | Quay ‘Muse’ Sunglasses | Portable Phone Charger | Canon G7X | Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream | Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes c/o | Mini Hairbrush | iPhone 6s+ | VS Very Sexy Body Mist

In Makeup Bag:

NYX ‘Nude’ Lipliner | MAC ‘Creme Cup’ Lipstick | MAC Studio Fix Powder | Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets c/o | Caudalie Hand Cream | NYX ‘Fortune Cookie’ Butter Gloss

Other pre-owned bags I’m loving…

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  1. Natali says:

    I love and use those Pacifica wipes and MAC’s lipsticks too. I also agree that investing in a great designer bag pays off every single penny you have ever put into them and I’ll also always buy them over a pair of very expensive shoes.


  2. Aubri says:

    I have been trying to decide on which style to get for my first designer bag! I am definitely a “big bag” kind of gal so I think the Neverfull just might be the one. I have a major weakness for the monogram print as well! Glad to hear you love it!!

    Amethyst Rose

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