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Hi Friends! Long time no blog post!:) I had a moment and wanted to update you guys about what’s been going on and share a few pictures. I’ve missed blogging and rarely find the time to sit down and write a proper post, so my blog is mainly for personal life tidbits now, but I’ll […]

Life Update!

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I can’t believe I’m just now sharing Scarlett’s birth pictures! She is now 3 months old and I’ve kind of laid low these past three months. Rather than share every moment like I did with Annabelle, I decided that this time I’d keep it for our family until I felt like sharing and I’m so […]



Hi Friends!! Ever since I posted on Instastories answering a commonly asked question about my advice on whether or not to focus on Youtube or blogging, I’ve received a ton of emails asking similar things so I thought I would put it in a blog post for those who are interested. I’m going to be 100% […]

Youtube vs. Blogging + Can You Make A Real Income?


When I wrote the title of this blog post I meant every word! Over the past year I’ve tried dozens of chocolate chip cookie recipes (Doug and I’s favorite dessert) and this one tops the list by far. With a few tweaks of my own, I’ve perfected the recipe and we crave it all the […]

I’ve received a ton of requests in my pregnancy update videos to share my checklist to prepare for our new baby so I thought I would share! I’m also partnering with up & up™ in today’s post to share with you a new diaper find and let you in on a giveaway for all my fellow Mommy […]

Preparing For A Newborn Checklist + Giveaway!


I had to share this recipe with you guys because everyone in my family went for seconds! Doug usually doesn’t like pies, but he couldn’t get enough of this one. I’ve never made a homemade pecan pie before and I’m not sure why. Usually I pick up a store bought one during the holiday season, but […]

Homemade Pecan Pie Recipe


  I’m so excited to finally share the images of our wedding! It truly was the most magical day and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better man to marry. For more on how I planned my wedding, check out this playlist!

Fall Favorite: Ham, Cranberry, & Brie Crescent Rolls from Hayley Paige Johnson on Vimeo. One of my favorite things about fall is the food! Now that I’m a new wife and soon to be Mother, I fallen in love with home cooked recipes that I can share with my family and friends. Being able to […]



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