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Ahh it’s been a minute since I’ve done a legit, let it all out, transparent blog post, but here I am again. It’s currently 9:34pm and I’m laying here next to sleeping Scarlett with the rain sound turned up high so she doesn’t hear the sound of my keyboard clicking. This is procrastination at it’s […]

A Wholeeee Lotta Life Update

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Anyone that has a toddler knows snack time is always taken seriously! I’ve never been a snacker so buying healthy snacks has been a slight learning curve for me. There are days where I’ll spend the extra time homemaking granola/breakfast bars or three ingredient muffins and other days where I’ll buy cheese snacks in a […]

Healthy Snack Ideas For Toddlers


Hi friends! I’m always getting asked what are some of our favorite Japanese recipes and although we aren’t chefs by any means, we loveeee gyudon! I first had it in Japan, but Doug used to eat it weekly growing up and since trying it, we crave it all the time! It’s basically a rice bowl […]

Japanese Inspired Gyudon Recipe


Conagra Brands sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own. Christmas is on a whole other level once you have your own child. The level of joy you receive while watching your little ones experience the magic of Christmas for the first time brings so much happiness to the family. Now I understand why […]

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to share the best version of banana bread with you guys! Seriously, adding sour cream to your banana bread is a total game changer and this one is to die for! Every time my bananas get a little to ripe to eat on their own I either make these muffins […]

Sour Cream Banana Bread (AKA The Best Ever!)


I had to post a picture with this chunk! She wanted some brownies, but I told her she had to wait three more months to try food;) Also, she was naked because she was just about to get into her bath. I wish we had walnuts to put in! Brownies aren’t ever the same without […]

The Ultimate Chocolatey Brownies


When I wrote the title of this blog post I meant every word! Over the past year I’ve tried dozens of chocolate chip cookie recipes (Doug and I’s favorite dessert) and this one tops the list by far. With a few tweaks of my own, I’ve perfected the recipe and we crave it all the […]

I’m not going to lie, for years the idea of cooking an entire holiday dinner seemed too daunting to overcome, but once Doug and I got married I made it my mission to master a few mouth watering recipes that were perfect for entertaining our family and friends around the holiday time. After many failed […]

A Complete Christmas Dinner: 4 Holiday Inspired Recipes


I had to share this recipe with you guys because everyone in my family went for seconds! Doug usually doesn’t like pies, but he couldn’t get enough of this one. I’ve never made a homemade pecan pie before and I’m not sure why. Usually I pick up a store bought one during the holiday season, but […]

Homemade Pecan Pie Recipe


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