August 30, 2018

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After posting a few months ago all my favorite Amazon picks, I kept getting requests for more posts where I link baby, Mom/personal, or household products I’m loving so I thought I’d make it a reoccurring thing! We order so frequently off Amazon because it’s just so convenient and while not all things are 10/10, I find that a lot of the products I do order help us out so much that I wanted to share!

Strider Bikes

Annabelle’s new favorite toy! We are so depressed because we got it sent to California and of course weren’t able to take it with us on the plane, but she played with it daily for a month! It’s a balance bike so it doesn’t require training wheels. The whole concept is so interesting because apparently countless studies have shown that training wheels don’t actually increase a child’s confidence in bike riding and balance bike’s do! She only rocked on it as we didn’t remove the base because she’s still too small, but I know she will one day soon love to ride like Doug and I did as children!

Ardell #113’s

Ahh this was a total impulse buy. I was debating letting my lash extensions grow out because I couldn’t find a good technician in my area so I picked these up because my fav The Skinny Confidential said they are basically the only ones she wears, but then I found a lash artist who is GOALS so I got a full set! I always go in between having extensions and not, but they are just so easy especially when you get ready for the camera as much as I do!

Flower Hair Clips

I got these for Annabelle’s pigtails (she wore them here). They are so cute and CHEAP!

Hair Bows (with clips)

I actually prefer these because she doesn’t have a ton of hair and they still look cute! Again, Amazon is the best place for bows as they have the most affordable I’ve found.

Reusable Stickers

Every time we go on a plane I buy these $4 reusable stickers for the ride there and home. They are the easiest entertainment and she’s obsessed! They really are reusable too!

SD Card Organizer

I have to admit, I’m the WORST at keeping my electronics/files organized. Doug slays me on a daily basis. We finally got to the point last month where everything felt out of control so he bought me this SD card organizer on a whim and I swear it’s now one of my top picks for electronic organization! Those pesky things are always getting lost and this keeps everything neat and in place.

Gradual Tan

I had the brilliant idea last month that I’d be a convert to gradual tanners over the extreme “apply once a week turn your sheets orange” types of self tan. HA! If you don’t know…I’m low key obsessed with Anna Saccone on Youtube. She is Mom goals!! I rarely say that about anyone too. If I could look half as good as she does on a Tuesday then my life would be complete. She’s been using this for years and legit packed it in her hospital bag (lol) so if she swears by it, then I must too! I tried it last month and it just doesn’t get me dark you need a lot of patience for gradual tan and I have none so I’m switching back to my old ways. I do LOVE it though as it gives you a natural olive complexion! It’s great for those wanting to test out being 1-2 shades darker…not 6 like my Loving Tan lol.

Baby Gate

I bought this because I’m still weighing on when we will be transitioning Annabelle to her own room. It’s across the hall from ours, but we don’t want her wandering around at night (just in case) and this does the trick! We have one at the top of our stairs and it’s been great so we ordered another.

Tony Robbins Book

I’m ALL about entrepreneur and self development books. Right now I’m reading Small Giants, but I picked this up because Love Meg’s husband recommended it to Doug and I. I haven’t started reading it yet, but he swears by it! Also, I love a good Tony Robbins podcast.


How did I live without one of these!? Seriously, you need one. I can’t even explain it fully, but you’ll never drop your phone on your face in a middle of the night scrolling sesh again!

The Power of Now

I also picked this book up because soooo many people recommend it. I believe it’s about the benefits of living in the present. I’ll get back to you with a book review on Doug and I’s new channel! I read 1-2 books a month and probably order 3-5 a month haha.

*Read this post on why you should read!

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  1. Megan says:

    I order lashes all the time on Amazon, I have very small eyes so I have to use half lashed if not they don’t fit.

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