August 28, 2018

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Ahhh you guys…we finally got back from the longest trip of our lives last night (literally – we were gone one month!) and it’s so nice to be in our own space. Although we’ve decided to not call Charleston our home next year, it really does feel like home to us now. Being away from it this long has brought back all the new fond memories we once had when we visited for the first time last year. I’m happy to report that although the humidity is still bad, it’s not near the level it was when we left..hallelujah! It will be so bitter sweet to move during wintertime because I truly love Charleston during winter and I’m so excited to experience it in the fall! Everything is so picture perfect so I know all the houses will be decorated to the 9’s come Halloween and Christmastime.

As much as we wanted a chill day to recover (Annabelle caught a cold in CA:/ Flying with a sick baby is the worst!), today we had a few things due and we just finished them all at 8pm. I’m exhausted! I just want to sleep forever, but had to wake up at 7am EST (4am in my head) to go to a prenatal appointment and then film 2 videos after. Okay, enough rambling..onto today’s post! If you haven’t seen the first three, here they are: First, second, and third ‘behind the gram’ posts (see my Instagram here). I basically share what went on behind taking these *sometimes staged sometimes not* Instagram pics!

This was shot on my parents spare room bed. OMG. Now I know why couples complain about cosleeping LOL. It was a Queen and wayyyy too small for the three of us. It felt like Heaven sleeping on our king last night! There’s nothing really ‘behind the gram’ to see here though:) I randomly snapped it on my iPhone X (which I wouldn’t recommend by the way. Doug’s Samsung Galaxy X9+ takes wayyyyy better pictures, but I’m just not ready to convert to a non-iPhone, even though I think they are better).

I took pictures at my sister’s house in Tennessee for my nephew’s first birthday and this was one of them! I’m really sad I didn’t get to vlog, but it was total chaos with 4 kids and 7 adults present. We had the best time though! Annabelle loves playing with other kids!

Holy moly this picture. We seriously took 1000 outtakes because Annabelle kept running after the dog! ha. I do think she knows her sister is coming though! We tell her everyday and she even started talking to my stomach last night!

This was when Love Meg came to visit! Okay..her name is Megan ha but she said she called me Hayley Paige before meeting me in person so I feel okay admitting that Doug and I were calling her that;) We had the BEST time! I’ve only ever met one other Youtuber in person (Brianna Kay) so it feels foreign to talk about my job with someone in person who relates! She is the sweetest girl and has so much drive for her job, it’s inspiring! Doug and Justin hit it off too! What’s not pictured: our kids running straight into the ocean with clothes on:D

Ohhh this day. So we were desperate for this certain ‘Cali burrito’ in Fullerton (from Pepe’s), but don’t like driving long distances with Annabelle unless she’s asleep. We waited until her nap time and took the trek, shared the burrito in the car while she was sleeping, and spilled salsa all over our clothes…worth it!! I’m dreaming of it now! Speaking on the topic of eating (when am I not?), today I got weighed at the OB’s office and am officially over the 150 lb mark…WTF! Not sure exactly what happened…okay, okay yes I am. Was it the late night cereal, milkshakes, or hamburgers that did it? Honestly as much as it scares me to lose the weight I’m kind of ‘dgaf-ing’ the end of this pregnancy. With that being said, I’m actually excited to diet again. I know…pregnancy makes you crazy!! ha. This is totally shallow to admit, but I’m kind of over the stage in my life where I try to be perfect about everything…I like to see physical change and progress with eating and working out rather than mental or for “health reasons”. I wish it were different and maybe it will be one day, but for now I’m eating whatever (within slight reason) and putting everything off until this baby (hopefully) pops out!! **Hopefully because I want a VBAC haha

On this day my friends, Doug and I met up at a Korean BBQ spot for lunch. It was sooo good! Annabelle was ravenous by the time we got seated and literally ate like 12 shrimp…Doug and I were stuck peeling shrimp for the first 20 minutes because she demanded it! #babygetswhatbabywants

That’s it for today’s ‘behind the gram’! P.S. I’m SO excited Shelby is helping me out now! She is doing such a good job and I can’t wait to work with her more in person when we move back. Don’t forget to submit your questions about Youtubing as a full time career to or you can DM her here!

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  1. Brittany Ann says:

    Yesss!!! These are my favorite, I love those shirts you guys have. ???

  2. Jane says:

    Look forward to seeing what you and Shelby do!

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