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I don’t know about you, but as a working stay at home Mom it’s almost critical that my house is in order on a daily basis. As much as I don’t like to admit it, waking up to a messy living space makes doing any task feel that much more overwhelming as I have to […]

Tips For Keeping Tidy As A Busy Mom

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Hi Friends! Today I wanted to share a few ways we’ve been transitioning to a healthier lifestyle! If you’ve been following throughout the past three years, you’ll know I wasn’t always leading the healthiest day-to-day life. I cleaned with bleach, ate sugary cereals (I still cave on occasion!), and never bothered to look at the […]



The concept of minimalism came about a couple of months ago. When I found myself going through what seemed like an endless amount of clothes that I had saved for baby Scarlett, I knew I needed to make a change. Not only was I almost hoarding clothing for my daughters, I realized just how out […]



Now that we live in a three bedroom, the girls “share” a room! Well, lets be honest. I cosleep for at least the first year of my girl’s life so really it’s Annabelle’s with Scarlett’s monogram occasionally shown on blankets and trinkets haha I wanted to document their little space in our new home and […]

Hi friends! Sorry today’s post went up a bit late. My web hosting server was down so we were trying to sort that out this morning, but it’s back up and running now! Decorating is one of my biggest passions and although it’s be suppressed by inexpensive Ikea furniture choices and hand be downs throughout […]

Our Home Decor Inspo


Our sweet baby Annabelle Rose will be here any day now and I have never been more excited for anything in my entire life! Finishing her nursery was the last on my to-do list so I’m finally feeling prepared. In the beginning there were so many different ideas I had for her room that I didn’t […]

Annabelle Rose Johnson’s Nursery Reveal


This year I decided to set up our decorations early because who wants to be limited to just 25 days of Christmas? I wish the holiday season was three months long, but Doug definitely wouldn’t have that;) Decorating for Christmas is probably one of my favorite things to do all year, especially this year as […]

I’m not going to lie, for years the idea of cooking an entire holiday dinner seemed too daunting to overcome, but once Doug and I got married I made it my mission to master a few mouth watering recipes that were perfect for entertaining our family and friends around the holiday time. After many failed […]

A Complete Christmas Dinner: 4 Holiday Inspired Recipes


Now that we’ve lived in our apartment for two years we’ve been in need of a bedroom refresh. It wasn’t until we decided to upgrade our mattress that I suddenly got inspired to update the room with new bedding, decor, and pillows as well. Doug and I had been sleeping on a traditional spring mattress all our […]

Bedroom Makeover With Brentwood Home + Giveaway!

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